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Who's NC? Well my name is Niels Chabot and I'm passionate about creativity, ideas, change and innovation. It is something that has ticked my box for a long, long time.

I was very fortunate that my passion enabled me to be trained as an innovation champion and blessed to have been working with extraordinary skilled people in the field of creativity and innovation.  

Personally, I strongly believe that creativity is in all of us in different shapes and forms. Some are absolutely brilliant in creative cooking (this excludes me, but I love eating it), others in photography. Some are highly creative with their voice, whereas others excel in writing the lyrics. We all have our specific outlet for our creative juices, however, it continues to surprise me that many people are fairly unaware about their own creative potential. 

That's exactly why I have set-up this business and blog! I would love to see people and businesses to become more confident in exploring their creative nature, tap into their resources and use it to generate a real & genuine impact.

Through the blog, I'll be sharing my learning so that hopefully I can give you some fresh perspective and inspire confidence to grow your ability in becoming more creative. At the same time, because you never stop learning, I'm excited to hear about your personal creative jouney(s) as well. In the end the objective is to unleash the creative spark you already possess and get better in whatever domain you are operating in.

Given the stellar pace of change that every business is facing today, it is mandatory for businesses to continuously challenge their status quo in order to ensure sustainable growth. Nutz&Creative supports businesses in driving this sustainable growth by

  1. Breaking the myths of change and innovation
  2. Establishing the required business structures
  3. Building capabilities to increase results, engagement and involvement.

Put us to the test and reach out to us, so that we can demonstrate how we can add value to your organization. We are looking forward to it! 

Niels Chabot